Savran Holding, since 1977, maintains its leadership in the sector with its qualified human resources that have focused on corporate values. Savran Holding has achieved success in every step it took through its Human Resources that makes difference for customers, believes in the strength of the team, act fairly and respectfully, add value to the society and the environment, and constantly improve itself.

Our Human Resources systematically continue to grow with our employees who dream of going beyond the established standards, who are constantly developing to improve their processes and who believe in innovation.

Our Human Resources policy; is to act with an approach that ensures equal opportunity throughout the personal and professional development of our employees, while the work and private life balance is maintained, thus to attach importance to employee motivation and loyalty.

In this context, our goal is to acquire qualified human resources, contributing to the training and development of this resource, and making the systems and processes that ensure the right career planning in which success is rewarded.

Savran Holding believes that human resources are one of the most important elements of sustainable growth. It ensures that employees' personal rights are used fully and correctly. It commits its personnel to a safe and healthy working environment with a non-discriminatory approach.

SSavran Holding sincerely believes in providing a healthy and safe environment suitable for human dignity that all employees have the right to work in. Discrimination between employees within the organization, is not allowed.

Savran Holding positively affects all the organizations it is in contact with, especially its suppliers, in order to ensure that they act in accordance with contemporary standards.

Savran Holding is sensitive towards the traditions and culture of Turkey. It acts in accordance with all legal regulations.

For its employees, it organizes individual and professional development training programs and administer the performance management system and career plan implementations.

We believe that the strongest capital of a company is its employees, and we aim to be a preferred company in terms of career.



We start the recruitment process for candidates who are suitable for our corporate culture and the qualifications we seek. This process may differ according to position and experience criteria.

We create a healthy work environment within the sector, support the development of our personnel, and employ qualified personnel in all positions by applying a fair wage policy.

We believe that the strongest capital of a company is its employees, and we aim to be a preferred company in terms of career.

In our company, we avoid any discriminatory treatment based on gender, religion, language, race, both in the recruitment adventure and in the steps in the career journey, and we attach importance to merit. While designing our processes within the framework of equality and justice, we develop policies to combat any discriminatory attitude arising from gender, race, color or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, seniority or marital status.



Our Wage Policy

Wages of our employees are determined according to their experiences and titles. Wage increase rates are assessed and applied in January of each year, based on market conditions. Performance evaluation results are also taken as a basis while determining the wage increase rates.

Social Helps

We provide marriage aid to the personnel who will get married, and birth aid to our personnel who have given birth themselves or their spouses.

Once a year, clothing aid is provided to all our staff. A meal card for lunch is provided to all our staff members.

Child benefits are provided to our staff with children (up to two children), equal to the Income Tax and Social Security exemption amount.

Transportation services to various routes are provided in order to facilitate the commute of our staff. We also have road assistance aid in varying amounts to all our personnel whose residency is from not covered by established routes.

In addition to SGK, we cover the hospital and clinic expenses of our personnel within certain limits through a private insurance company that we have an agreement with. Health insurance for spouses and children are also arranged.